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The Team

The Team


The team consists of four full-time employees. Due to the intercultural composition of the employees, advice in foreign languages ​​can also be carried out.


Natalie Djurkovic

Graduated social pedagogue / social worker since 2008, prevention manager for stalking and intimate partner violence
Advanced training, etc. in: "Warning signals of domestic violence in counseling, therapy and group work"
Foreign languages: English, Croatian


Angelika Gey

Dipl. Social pedagogue / social worker since 2007
Master of Arts Social Work: Education and Integration since 2012
Foreign languages: English


Natalia Uslu

Qualified pedagogue since 2013, systemic consultant (DGSF)

Foreign languages: Russian, English


Hevin Shamsaldin

Social worker B.A./Social pedagogue B.A. since 2019
Foreign languages: Arabic, Kurdish


The team is also supported by volunteer women and interns.

Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.

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Tel.: (0241) 90 24 16


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